The Amigo quality is characterized by its soft luxurious look, its velvety touch, its subtle sheen and its amazing technical specifications. This exciting new plain quality has the most superb drape and handle and is ideally suited fo

 As its name suggests, this new jacquard collection is alluring in its striking and glamorous character. Three dazzling designs explore the luxury of sheen and display a rich velvety texture in the new collection, Allure. Design Galliano is the

 The new Aristocrat collection certainly lives up to its name. Grand damasks, traditional florals and classic stripes combine in this collection of 5 elegant designs which are available in a total of 66 colourways. The range can be divided into

  Two striking plain qualities combine in the new collection, Bonny & Bliss. These distinctive designs are decidedly glamorous and feature loads of texture and surface interest. One of the most outstanding characteristics of these

 When one thinks of a 'Casanova', one thinks of a charmer. This new collection of jacquard weaves is a charming interpretation of some age-old classics. The Casanova collection comprises 3 designs in a total of 33 colourways. Design Madame is a

  This collection of 8 luxurious designs and qualities is a celebration of luxury, glamour, striking colour and diversity. Elegant satin weaves sit side by side with chunky chenille plains, mosaic-like stripes and patterns mingle with m

  The Chateau collection offers an interesting combination of jacquard weaves, dobbies and semi-plains inspired by classic patterns and interesting textural weaves. There are 2 different stories in the collection thus offering a divers

  After the success of our Zoology collections, we are delighted to be able to introduce the new Endangered range. A combination of 26 designs over a total of 160 colourways offers a huge variety of product for use as domestic and contr