After the success of our Zoology collections, we are delighted to be able to introduce the new Endangered range. A combination of 26 designs over a total of 160 colourways offers a huge variety of product for use as domestic and contract upholstery, screens, headboards, bed bases and wall coverings.

Not only is the new collection more affordable but it also includes some new looks as seen in the pearlized qualities and it offers a huge colour spectrum which includes some amazing new bright and funky matt and metallic colours.

The main focus is on faux leather looks which include all of the best plain leather textures and grains as well as the ever-popular ostrich and crocodile skins. This new collection also incorporates a host of new exotic faux animal hides such as lizard, snake, otter and many others. Also featured in the range are raffia and basket weave patterns, interpretations of brushed steel as well as high gloss plains and lacquered looks.

Some of the finishes are matt, some are glossy and many feature the fashionable patent leather look. Of special interest always are the metallics which are available in an extraordinary array of colours and some wonderful new pearl finishes. Many of the qualities are mono-tone and some of the new more fashion-oriented looks incorporate two-tone effects which give the designs more dimension and interest.

With 160 colours to choose from, this collection is a treasure trove of decorating opportunities. There are as always a huge selection of authentic animal hide colours and over and above this, some artistic license has been applied in the colouring of the range. Metallics such as Bronze, Silver, Zinc, Copper, Gold and Brass abound as well as a host of rich shimmering shades such as Garnet and Patriot. For those looking for something a little more fun, jazzy colours like Magenta, Boa, Teal and Sunflower liven up the colour palette. Finally a selection of crisp and icy shades of Swan, Snow, Optic and Ice complete the collection.

All of the qualities in the Endangered collection are 138cm wide and are made of PVC with a poly/cotton backing. It is important to note that all these qualities should be cleaned with a damp cloth only and that no solvents or abrasive chemicals should be used. Various fire retardancy standards have been met by all of these qualities and the details regarding these specifications are to be found at the back of the sample book.