Wallpaper as a décor tool is popular and it is used more and more, displaying our need for design in all forms.

The trend is toward large scale pattern with metallic detail making it very contemporary.

Looking for focus and depth?

 We now offer you a large selection of wallpaper to do just that. Modern, classic or heavily textured.

Our imported and local ranges will cater for your every need.

Wall coverings have become a significant décor trend in the past couple of years.

Designs are bold, metallic, retro and nostalgic. Unlike the look of the 70's and 80's when entire rooms were papered and often accompanied by matching fabric, the current look is urban, sophisticated and generally confined to one or two walls making this a décor focal point or feature.

The introduction of our newly launched Grass Cloth will be a way of skillfully combining the old and the new as this product creates texture rather than pattern. It can be easily used for entire room surfaces or as a feature wall.

An added benefit is that these subtly coloured products are handcrafted from natural fibre and materials giving a sense of nature and authenticity to the decoration.